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but when you smile at the ground // giveaway

Another giveaway to blog about this week!

Tina over at Travel Nurse Toybox is giving away a Jollie Deluxe with gold sparkles from Chavez Dezignz! These beautiful toys are handcrafted and made with silicone. They have a completely unique shape based upon the female anatomy and allow for other toys to be used simultaneously, and have amazing girth. The deluxe ones are filled with beautiful designs like puffballs and Valentine’s sparkles, but you can also get them in lovely solid colors.

Seriously, these beauties are amazing. I have been wanting to get my hands on one for months, but cannot decide on the perfect decoration or the $200 a deluxe Jollie will cost me!

You can enter to win one from Tina to celebrate her birthday here! The entries are very easy and only one requires a Facebook entry.

Good luck!


and now she’s waiting on the right kind of pilot to come // contest

Twice in one week? You must be so confused! I have to admit that I’m a bit surprised at myself… But this contest is just too cute to not blog about.

First, you may know by now that my goal in life (after, you know, paying off student loans, finding the perfect job, getting married, finally being pretty, all that good stuff) is to own an collection exclusively of the prettiest sex toys. I’ve been working on this for years now on a very small budget. Like, miniscule. When I first saw this giveaway floating around on Twitter, I had never heard of the G Spot Lollipop. I went to the website… and fell in love. They are the freaking cutest things ever. They don’t look like a sex toy. They come in girly colors. You can take super adorable pictures with them. See above (clicking on the image will take you to the company website).

Yes, of course it’s great that they have such potential as sex toys as well. It’s an incredibly simple idea that may be less intimidating than a traditional g-spot vibrator, which can be quite large. It seems like you could get a lot more control with the shape to either find your g-spot or apply pressure, as needed. Really, I’m still blown away by how simple the design is and how different it is from most other popular sex toys.

Additionally, I started following Jen on Geek In Me Reviews and I have to say that I really like her! She is super friendly and knows all the best stuff (this is so not just because anyone who likes Sherlock is automatically awesome). So double the bonus!

Jen and G Spot Lollipop are giving away a Double Pop in Pink for Valentine’s Day! The entries are very simple and only a couple require a Facebook login. I’m so excited someone will get to win one! (Seriously, they are just that cute.)

the stars come out // contest

Happy two-months to the blog! I’m pleasantly surprised I’ve been able to keep this up (:

I had hoped I would have something special in mind for today, but alas. Work and organizing myself around my “I’ve been out of grad school for a year hooray!” deadline has been keeping me busy. Instead, I’ll post about something super useful: cleaning sex toys. I realize that a lot of people have this information, but I know that some of my friends don’t and I think it’s important to share.

Cleaning toys starts with knowing about the different materials that manufacturers are using. There are tons of different materials, but there are some main ones that you are most likely to see.

The easiest ones to clean are hard materials, like glass, wood, ceramic, metal, and hard plastic. These are the easiest because they are non-porous (in a pretty obvious way) and can be washed like you would wash dishes. Glass toys can even be put in the top rack of a dishwasher. Most toys like this don’t have vibrators or other parts that you would need to be careful with. What you do need to be careful with is accidentally breaking a glass toy. Few glass toys will break if dropped, but they can crack or become chipped.

Silicone toys are also easy to clean. Silicone is non-porous, so you can wash them with soap and warm water or put them in the top rack of a dishwasher. What makes many silicone toys less easy to clean is that a number of vibrators are made with silicone – obviously, you don’t want to put that precious motor in the dishwasher! Soap and warm water will still work, as long as you are careful with the toy. Some toys are waterproof so they’re easy to clean; others have seams where the silicone meets a plastic handle or controls and these can make cleaning a bit more complicated. Just be careful!

Silicone-blend toys are, in my opinion, little bitches. Yes, they can be more durable than a pure silicone toy, but they can also be very misleading if you are not reading carefully. Silicone-blend toys can be porous, so they should be covered with a condom for ease. Condoms keep the toy clean and safe. Keep this in mind when looking at the materials list of toys.

Like the silicone-blend toys, jelly toys (or soft plastic toys) are porous and should be covered with a condom. These toys are usually nice and soft, but can’t really be cleaned effectively because they are porous, so a condom is the best way to go. Additionally, you can simply avoid jelly toys, but this is a matter of personal preference.

Antibacterial soap is generally sufficient. Dishwashing soap is easy and you probably have it around. Make sure that you wash thoroughly, let the soap sit for a few minutes, and then rinse well. Make sure that you rinse carefully! Let the toys air dry so they don’t get extra dirt or lint on them. It’s a good idea to wash your toy again before its next use as well.

In lieu of soap and water, antibacterial toy cleaners can also be used. They are safe for your toys (the kind that can be cleaned, of course) and eliminate the need for soap (if it’s not handy) and possibly water (for example, if you live in a dorm with shared bathrooms). Like lubricant, they come in small, discreet bottles and can be kept close by. Some can be wiped off with a clean towel!

Right now, Happy Buzz Reviews is giving away a small bottle of Renew Toy Cleanser from Good Vibrations. Renew Toy Cleanser is organic, so it’s not at all harmful to you or your toys. It does say it is lightly scented, but the ingredients list is short and it seems like it smells a little citrusy.

Head over to the link above to enter! Entering is pretty easy, though two of the entry types require Facebook login.

If you have more questions about sex toy materials or cleaning your sex toys, check out any of the major online sellers for more information.

interstellar queen // contest

I had wanted to save this week’s post for TMI Tuesday, but it looks like there will just be multiple posts! Huzzah!

Karen is hosting a giveaway of the Bedroom Kandi Make Me Over vibrator. This looks like a cute vibrator, and I am all about cute toys. It is my self-created goal to own exclusively cute and/or pretty toys, and this one would fit in perfectly with my collection. Come on guys, it looks like a compact! How cute is that?! Not only is it adorable (as are, in fact, all the other vibrators in the Bedroom Kandi line), and pink!, but it’s also a great toy, according to Karen. You can read her full review here.

Karen is really a great reviewer, and I love her blog. She is absolutely no-holds-barred with information and detail, which is great for reviews, and sexy for her other posts. I’m a little intimidated by how awesome I think she is! I like knowing that she’s being really upfront with her readers. Her reviews are well written and professional, while also being comfortable and informative. She also has pretty similar tastes in toys to me, and she gets a lot of them, so hers is one of my go-to blogs for information and reviews.

There are multiple ways to enter, none of which are too hard to complete! The giveaway is being sponsored by Babeland, a great place to shop. Hop on over to the link above, and good luck!