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they all felt something

Unusual to hear from me on a Friday, isn’t it? The three-month anniversary of the blog (i.e. my ability to stay focused) is coming up! So I’m trying to get in the habit of posting more regularly and diversifying the material that I put up.

Earlier this week while my partner and I were busy making up he came up with a great idea. He sent me a series of questions for me to answer (publicly) and I would do the same for him, and I’d post both sets of answers. I agree that this is a great idea (he’s so clever!), but the major downside of it is that I sat for three days thinking about equally good questions to ask him and came up with nothing. This is odd to both of us because I am generally a very curious person and a good conversationalist, so you’d think I’d be able to come up with something interesting. Alas, no.

So after I answer his questions, I’m soliciting suggestions from the rest of you! Anything that you want me to know about him! Or anything you just want to know. He’s a sweetheart and a good sport, plus I’ll screen all the questions before I actually pose them to him.

1. What’s the first fantasy you had of me and how did it come about?

Hmmm… Honestly, I don’t keep track of my fantasies very well. Most of them are either very specific (see some of the ones in this TMI Tuesday) or very vague, and the vast majority are fleeting. For instance, I really like fantasizing about hotel room sex. (How can you not? Clean sheets, AC you don’t pay for, relatively new mattresses, and maybe those strangers in the hotel across the street can see you.) But I don’t really have anything specific about it that I think about. On top of that, I have no chronological sense of my fantasies. My best guess is that you said something that indicated attraction and I thought, “Oh, that’s pretty sexy,” and disappeared into my bedroom to think about you groping me. And then fingering my clit, because you know I like that.

2. I’ve had a long day and you know I’m a bit tired.  You, however, want to have a wild night.  What do you wear/do to flip my switch and get me absolutely crazy to do you?

What, lies. You know that 1) I would totally cuddle you and take care of you so that you weren’t tired (or could rest). At most we would snuggle and you could grope me. Plus 2) You’re pretty much always absolutely crazy to do me. This is a silly question.

Playing by the rules of the question though, I would wander around doing normal things in lingerie, bend over a lot, keep touching your leg during dinner, sneak into the shower with you, and if all that failed, I’d either find a way to tie myself up on the bed so you’d have to do me OR I’d wait for you on all fours on the bed. You shouldn’t tell me all your fantasies 😉

3. What’s a fantasy you have that you haven’t told me about?

Getting an apartment together. And then a house. At least two floors, so I have to go up stairs and therefore get some exercise for my legs. And then decorating it. I want the bathrooms to be in faint pastels and a bedroom in some pale color that isn’t white or ivory because that’s boring. And we should get fancy sheets. If possible the bed should have both a headboard and a footboard, for sex purposes. Ideally the master bathroom would have enough room for one of those fancy bathtubs, since you’re so tall. Let’s make sure there’s carpet pretty much everywhere so we can have sex everywhere.

What, did you mean a sex fantasy?

4.  It’s my birthday and it’s role playing time.  What are our costumes and what’s the scenario?

Oh, come on. You know I love teacher-student. Of all varieties. I have lots of button-down blouses, and I’d get a cute short skirt so you could bend me over. Plus I love you in a suit and with your (fake) glasses. Mmmmm, sexy. I’d be more than happy to seduce you in a classroom, or have you take me in your office on your desk. Maybe I have to write something on the board a hundred times while you stand behind me and fuck me.

You also know I like boss-secretary (did I forget to buy you that cake you asked me to?), and pretty much anything else that involves power. Plus I look really good in professional dress.

I am also a fan of fancy party dress (it’s your party, and you can do whoever you want). And you like it when I’m your nurse (and you are sick on your birthday, poor thing). So. You have lots to choose from.

Happy birthday!

5.  What do you love to hear me say while we fuck?

Everything ever. Okay, maybe not everything. I definitely like it when you tell me how good I am and how pretty I am (and how tight and hot and wet too). I also love it when you give me direction/tell me what to do. I’m half in it for you, so I want to make sure that it’s as good for you as you want it to be. Plus we know that control kind of turns me on. Likewise, I like it when you make me say things, like when you make me repeat what you say or answer your questions before you do what I want. I like it when you lose control and swear. Most of all, I like it when you’re possessive.

6. What are your thoughts about other men/women checking me out, or other men/women checking you out?


On a practical, intellectual level, having a desirable partner is largely positional – your partner is to some extent desirable because other people find them desirable. So knowing that other men/women want you makes you even more attractive to me, because it grants me superiority in the social structure.

Additionally, I really don’t care. Sort of like we are all free to check out other men/women (by the way, we are both free to do that, as far as I’m concerned) because there’s nothing inherently harmful or wrong with that. I can’t stop other people from checking you out, and frankly, that sounds like it could be really hard. The only thing that would bother me is if you decided you liked one of those other men/women better.

Well, and I guess if one of those other men/women thought they were so much better looking/smarter/funnier/whatever than me that they actively tried to push me aside. Then I’d punch them in the face.

Okay, maybe not the face, since the skull is pretty hard.


Or groin.

Now it’s your turn! Help me come up with some good questions to ask of my partner, and I’ll pass them on and then post his answers here next week!

Additionally next week (or the week after) we’ll hopefully start with a series we’ve been tossing around for a bit. I’m going to go through my lingerie drawer and my closet and we’ll post pictures and talk about why we like a given bra, chemise, pair of jeans, etc. Because I have lots of sexy things and he likes to see me in them.

(Image from garypeppervintage on Tumblr. Click the link to visit!)