there’s always one thing that i’ll know // giveaway


Yes, I will post for TMI Tuesday tomorrow, but for tonight, have another giveaway post! Personally, I hate Valentine’s Day (it’s easy to when you’re single), but it’s awesome because everyone is hosting pretty amazing giveaways.

I’ve pimped Blue Karen’s giveaways before here, and I’m here to do it again! Everyone, EVERYONE, knows that I love lingerie. It makes me feel sexy and pretty when I don’t otherwise, plus it’s just a lot of fun to have. Even if no one sees it, you know what you’re wearing and how amazing it is. Luckily for me (and all you other lingerie lovers), Madame Liberty is teaming up with Blue Karen to give away the winner’s choice of one of three bra and panties sets! All of the three choices are gorgeous, but my personal favorite is the one pictured above, Spice Bazaar. I just love the colors and the intricacy of the pattern, and may even buy myself a set if I’m not the lucky winner!

You can enter here – the first entry is easy! After that you’ll need either Twitter or Facebook, but only 3 of the entry methods require Facebook.

Good luck!

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