and now she’s waiting on the right kind of pilot to come // contest

Twice in one week? You must be so confused! I have to admit that I’m a bit surprised at myself… But this contest is just too cute to not blog about.

First, you may know by now that my goal in life (after, you know, paying off student loans, finding the perfect job, getting married, finally being pretty, all that good stuff) is to own an collection exclusively of the prettiest sex toys. I’ve been working on this for years now on a very small budget. Like, miniscule. When I first saw this giveaway floating around on Twitter, I had never heard of the G Spot Lollipop. I went to the website… and fell in love. They are the freaking cutest things ever. They don’t look like a sex toy. They come in girly colors. You can take super adorable pictures with them. See above (clicking on the image will take you to the company website).

Yes, of course it’s great that they have such potential as sex toys as well. It’s an incredibly simple idea that may be less intimidating than a traditional g-spot vibrator, which can be quite large. It seems like you could get a lot more control with the shape to either find your g-spot or apply pressure, as needed. Really, I’m still blown away by how simple the design is and how different it is from most other popular sex toys.

Additionally, I started following Jen on Geek In Me Reviews and I have to say that I really like her! She is super friendly and knows all the best stuff (this is so not just because anyone who likes Sherlock is automatically awesome). So double the bonus!

Jen and G Spot Lollipop are giving away a Double Pop in Pink for Valentine’s Day! The entries are very simple and only a couple require a Facebook login. I’m so excited someone will get to win one! (Seriously, they are just that cute.)

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