it’s always darkest before the dawn // contest

Whoa! Sorry for the huge delay between posts! Everything has just caught up with my very quickly. I’m submitting a major application next week that has me doing work at my computer almost nonstop (I am definitely going to need that massage in a couple of weeks. Gods I have such a huge crush on the guy that does my massages) and Tuesday was primary election day in California (which is a rant for a different day and a different blog).

Anyone who reads this enough or has been (un)lucky enough to hear my thoughts on the subject knows that I have a deep and wide submissive side. There are a number of different ways to look at this. With one partner it was because I loved the feeling that he was so much more experienced than I was. Having him tell me what to do made me feel, for lack of a better word, useful, and I love being told I’m a quick learner.

Yes, I admit to being a little lazy, especially when my partner isn’t very stimulating. I have done that in the past… just kind of let my partner do whatever he wanted because I really wasn’t that interested. I tried to take control and get him to do what I wanted (or at least something that would be stimulating enough to get me into it) in the form of a little roughness and spanking, but sadly that didn’t go anywhere. He actually said it was too much work for him, so I gave up.

On the sex and the relationship, in case anyone was wondering.

With my current partner I love being submissive in all the best ways (in my opinion). I love having him tell me what to do so I can please him. It turns me on incredibly to know that it’s good for him. I also like relinquishing control to him. He treats me like a princess all the time; I kind of like it when he takes control and does rough, sexy things to me. Making me do what he wants, instead of him bending to my will, gets me so hot. I think it’s that I trust him, so being completely submissive to him is incredibly intimate.

There’s a limit on our submissive/dominant relationship (he admitted to me early on that he doesn’t really have a dominant kind of personality, so it’s super sweet that he does it just for me), but the extents to which we take it are just right for us. Personally, I think we’re both fans of a scenario that involves bedposts and ties. Ties that I’ve bought him as presents (and taken some naughty pictures of!). So far we mostly focus on tying up hands, since it’s a heat-of-the-moment kind of thing, but I’m pretty turned on by the thought of ankle cuffs too. Being completely open and exposed for my partner to do with as he wants? Don’t tell me that’s not hot.

Luckily for those like me who are itching to try out new things, Adriana at Of Sex and Love is giving away a beginner’s bondage kit thanks to MyPleasure! It includes a nice, full set of beginner toys, including adorable ankle and wrist cuffs with tethers. They have heart rings, which reminds you that while what you’re doing may be hot and naughty, you’re doing it because you love your partner~ (Or at least have strong feelings of trust for them.) Plus there’s a pretty sweet looking blindfold, which I have not experimented with but now definitely want to.

There are a lot of different ways to enter, none of which require Facebook login! Hooray! Enter by clicking on the link above. Good luck!

(Image courtesy of lust-sex-love on Tumblr. Click on the image to visit!)

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