a schoolboy yawns // tmi tuesday #10

So excited! I love National Masturbation Month! I’m definitely getting myself at least one new toy to celebrate!

All of this week’s TMI Tuesday questions are about masturbating >:)

1. How often do you masturbate? On average over the course of a year, maybe twice a week. I go through swings in activity; sometimes I can go as often as five days a week, other times I can go almost two weeks. Just depends on how I feel, I guess.

2. What are you doing to celebrate Masturbation month? Nothing, really ): Masturbating is not like, special in May. I will probably get at least one new toy to celebrate, but that’s not out of the ordinary either, now that I think about it.

3. Do you like to watch your partner masturbate?
a. Yes, it turns me on.
b. Sometimes, because it gets my partner very aroused.
c. Not really, it’s boring.
d. No, it’s a turn off.
e. I’ve never experienced it but I’d like to.

Hell yes A. (And a little bit of E.)

4. Do you let your partner watch you masturbate?
a. Yes, it turns me on to be watched.
b. Sometimes, because it gets my partner very aroused.
c. No, it’s embarrassing.
d. I’ve never experienced it but I’d like to.

D, but I really think we’d both prefer it if he got to join in before long anyway.

5. Mutual masturbation? Yea or Nay?


6. If you had an all-expense-paid trip to San Francisco to attend Masturbate-a-thon 2012 would you go and masturbate? Why or Why not?

Probably not. I’d rather not go by myself, plus I have a tango class on Sunday nights. I’m already excited because the dance class gets me out of having to go to an engagement party.

Bonus: Are you addicted to masturbating?

My guess is that if I can go a week or more without masturbating, that’s a no.

Oh! And maybe help me out with this? Pretty please?

(Image originally posted by theclassyshit on Tumblr. Click on the image to go there!)

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  1. Great answers! We both love to watch the other masturbate but whenever possible we join in.

    Also, the photo that opened your post was super hot.

    • I’m better at keeping my hands off than he is. Watching is a huge turn-on for me, and it must work for him too because he often asks if I want to help or just watch.

      I know I love Tumblr I find the best things there!!! (Just not enough to get my own Tumblr account.)

  2. thelatephoenix

    i agree, that pic is hot as fuck

    i like that little bit of E…reminds me of my glory rave days…

    thanks for visiting me, babe 🙂

    • Yesssssssss 😀

      Hahaha! It’s mostly that I know I would like it, I just haven’t had a partner that 1) asked to watch and 2) had the opportunity to watch yet.

      Always a pleasure 😀

  3. 1. You’ll have to come back and tell us all about fun times with your new toy.

    5. Could you be a little more enthusiastic :p

    6. Nice. KinkyGent has had Tango lessons in the past. I hope to try it in the future. Currently we do Salsa dance together.

    I commented on the shower/wedding issues too.


    • I will definitely try! I have been meaning to start writing more helpfully and descriptively about my toys, but I just never seem to have the time D:

      No. My enthusiasm for being submissive and mutual masturbation is UNBOUNDED.

      Salsa is fun too! I have been out of practice for years (I used to dance all forms of social and Latin dance) and have been meaning to pick up salsa again, but I couldn’t make the salsa classes this month ):

      Thank you! I know I am freaking out about nothing but I can’t stop fretting about it and envisioning all kinds of worst-case scenarios.

  4. Nice solid “Hell yes” for number 3, love it!

    This post has me thinking, maybe I should get my first sex toy this month? hmmmmm

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