maybe i shouldn’t have called // tmi tuesday #8

Yesterday and today have been rough. Normally I would be way more excited about these questions (I was when they went up on Sunday!), but right now I’m just not feeling sexy or intimate. I feel very distant and cold and a little bit like I’m standing on the edge of a cliff. I’m afraid I’m just thinking too hard, but that if I don’t think that hard I won’t be happy either. Life’s a bitch sometimes.

This week’s TMI Tuesday questions are on a subject near and dear to our hearts (and some other body parts, too). It’s all about SEX!… Yes, again.

1. What is your sexual personality?
a. The Controller – initiating sex, twisting your lover into positions you want, and driving scene play by play
b. Sex Slave – You love to be used and at the mercy of your lover. You don’t initiate but follow and do as you are told. You love to be used.
c. Daredevil – Sexual adventure and sexual thrills are what you are all about. You get off on the risk factor.
d. Subdued – Sex is a necessary part of the relationship so you are available when needed.

Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. 😀

2. How many times have you sneaked away from party guests to have sex in another part of the party venue. Where did you sneak to? Were you ever caught? For example, at a wedding reception you sneaked to have sex in the coat room. At a party, you sneaked to have sex in a bathroom or closet.

Never. I’ve never been to a party, and I’ve definitely never been to a party with anyone.

3. Your sex partner that you are mad crazy for has requested you do one of the following, which one would you grant consent to do:
a. Bondage/light restraint with your hands, legs tied while having sex
b. A sexual spanking that leaves light marks
c. Record the two of you having sex
d. Have sex in a mirrored room where you can see yourselves having sex from every angle

Any of the above, provided I trusted them enough in addition to being madly attracted to them.

4. Do you act out your sexual fantasies (select one)? Why?
a. I act out all of my fantasies.
b. I act out many of my fantasies.
c. I act out some of my fantasies.
d. I act out very few of my fantasies.
e. I don’t act out any of my fantasies.
f. I don’t have any fantasies.

Hmmmm… Probably D. Most of my fantasies are exactly that – fantasy – and based on a set of highly unlikely (and, in fact, apparently impossible) scenarios that I couldn’t really get to happen. I don’t really have big, vague fantasies; rather, I fantasize about a particular partner and particular situations or acts. For example, sex in the backseat of his car, or hotel room sex after a day of driving around visiting comic book stores and walking along the edge of the beach because we hate sand. See? Weirdly specific. So unless I can get those situations to line up (which, I’ve been informed, is not going to happen) I won’t get to act them out.

I have had some simpler ones that we’ve played on, but I don’t have many of those.

5. How important is sex in your life (select one)?
a. I could hardly survive without it.
b. It is very important.
c. It is somewhat important.
d. I could live without it.
e. If it were up to me, sex wouldn’t even exist!

Depends on what we mean by sex. I’m somewhere in the B-D spectrum. By that I mean that for a long time, I have lived without it, if we specifically mean sex with a partner. If we take a broader view of sex that includes phone sex, Internet sex, erotica, masturbation, etc., then C might be more accurate. I’m not sure I actively seek out these venues for sex, but they turn up with frequency (sort of on a when-I-feel-like-it basis) so I’m willing to accept that they must be important. B is only true for having a partner.

Bonus: Finish the following phrase.

Sex is preceded by grope-y snuggling and followed by snuggly spooning.

(Image originally posted by lust-sex-love on Tumblr. Click on the link to check her out!)

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  1. Love that erotic freakin’ sexy hot photo!

  2. You are quite enthusiastic to be a sex slave.

    Like you I think of sex in the broader sense; it is far more than just partner sex. Hell my best orgasm come from self-pleasure. And a lot of folks these days are having way more virtual sex than real time, we’ve got to count it all.

    Lastly, step back from the edge of the cliff. Feel better soon 🙂


    • Yesssssssss I am 😀 I know that I have a little bit of a dominant streak, but when it comes to sex that tends to get subsumed by the rush I get from trusting my partner and the thrill of rough sex. Of course sometimes I initiate, and on occasion I’ll be in control, but I love it when my partner gets possessive and controlling.

      I’m weirdly wired: I can’t really enjoy it without a partner. I just don’t get into self-pleasure very well anymore without some kind of catalyst, which pretty much just means phone sex, net sex, erotica, or fantasizing. It used to be much more enjoyable, when I was younger.

      Then again, I was also younger.

      Thanks (: It’s the relationship cliff where you worry that if you say something, you’re jumping and there’s no way to climb back up, but if you don’t say something you’ll just be miserable waiting for the next time you’re pushed to that point.

  3. Be careful around the cliff’s edge.

    Good job mentioning trust in your answer to #3. I did the same. Trust is a vital component of BDSM, as well as being recorded. We couldn’t imagine letting someone we don’t or can’t trust possess recordings of us, at least not recordings of a sexual nature.

    Your mention of visiting comic book stores in #4 gave us a giggle, and also kind of turned us on.

    • Thank you! I’m trying ): Relationship-cliffs are often reached totally by accident and are extremely nerve-wracking to navigate.

      Definitely. Light bondage and spanking with someone I don’t know well I don’t mind – I’m stronger than most of the men I’ve met and could hold my own if it got out of hand (though I’m pretty sure that’s NOT why I was forced to learn martial arts as a child). But it’s way hotter when I trust the other person and can really get into it because I know they’re doing it for both of us, and I would definitely not do the other two unless I felt really comfortable with my partner.

      Comic books are sexy 😉

  4. we have #2 in common

    i love the pic you chose!!! hawt

    and your Bonus…agree


    • Whyyyyyyyyy have I never been to a party?!

      Thanks! I like the hair-pulling part myself 😉

      My partner and I love snuggling. It’s our favorite thing to do. Well, maybe a close second.


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