the love drug in your veins // tmi tuesday #7

Bleh! Nothing but TMI Tuesday posts recently. Been very busy with travelling and recovering from travelling. Hopefully now that work is starting to pick up again I’ll feel more inclined to spend regular time on the Internet blogging. Even checking my email has become rather dull. People need to email me interesting things. The blog’s two-month-iversary is coming up later this week, so I’ll try to have something fun prepared for that.

This week’s TMI Tuesday questions come from Virtual Sin.

If you are hesitant about confessing crimes… lie… be creative.

1. Do you know how to pick a lock? Have you ever used this skill to gain unauthorized access?

No ): I’ve thought that it might be a good idea, but I’ve never actually learned how.

2. Do you know how to open a safe with a rotary combination lock? Have you ever used this skill to gain unauthorized access? What did you find?

No ): Maybe not as good an idea as being able to pick a lock… What if “they” pick me up and want me to start doing bank jobs for them?!

3. Have you ever made a copy of a key you were not supposed to have? Did you use it to gain unauthorized access? What were you looking for? Did you find it?

Actually, yes. My first landlady was off her rocker (or getting there) and told me I couldn’t make copies of my keys (one for the front door, one for my door). I thought this was stupid, as I was going to be out of town a lot (I was a grad student) and needed someone to take care of my fish and check up on things while I was out for months at a time. The couple that lived downstairs had keys since they were the “managers” of the place, but they had family and wouldn’t always be around. Also, it seemed supremely stupid that I couldn’t have a copy of the keys in case of an emergency, either in my car or with a trusted friend. So I made copies of the keys. I never needed them.

4. Have you ever stolen or guessed a password? Did you use it to gain unauthorized access? What did you do?

Hmmm… Actually, no. I’ve been given all passwords that I’ve needed for anything. I often have to guess my own password, but that’s just because I suck at remembering things.

5. Do you know how to get data from a computer that requires a password you don’t know?

… What?

6. Do you know how to record a telephone call? Have you ever done so secretly? Did you hear anything interesting? What?

I… assume you do something to the telephone. The only way I think I could manage it is if I had a separate recording device in the room with each of the participants and then I pieced together the conversation afterward.

7. Have you ever used a webcam or nanny cam to photograph someone secretly?

No ): The only person in front of my webcam ever is me ):

8. Have you ever used an infrared camera to photograph someone secretly in the dark?

Who has one of those?

9. Have you ever learned anything important by deliberate eavesdropping?

Most of my eavesdropping is accidental. Furthermore, I don’t really remember anything I’ve learned specifically by eavesdropping.

10. Do you know how to hot-wire a car?

No. I could see situations in which this would probably be a good idea, but I hope I’m never in one of them.

Bonus: Have you ever been paid for your sexual skills? What skill(s) did you perform?

No. Part of me is a little disappointed by this – paying for grad school is expensive. But most of me is pretty sure that bad things would happen if I ever were paid for my sexual skills. The only thing I do sort of wish I could do/had done is pole dancing for money. Alas, being a grad student is surprisingly busy work.

(Image originally posted by sexy-yetclassy at Tumblr. Click on the image to go there!)

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  1. Your answers are far less disturbing than mine =P Thank you for dropping by my blog! Been browsing around here for a bit and decided to add you to my blogroll =) x

    • I’m looking at it as, “My answers are far more boring than yours.” I wish I could at least do one of those things… opening a rotary lock seems (in my head) to be the easiest, but I haven’t any of those to practice with.

      Thanks! I wish I dropped by more – hopefully now that I’m not always on a plane or bus I’ll be able to catch up on my blog reading. I will add you to mine, if that’s all right, and hopefully we’ll see more of each other!

  2. thelatephoenix

    love the pic print 😉

    i’ve found that i relate more to people who are off their rockers…

    ah, grad school, yeah, almost did that, but in my case, there wouldn’t have been a point…it is expensive, i suppose i would’ve had to squeeze in a few more of my “appointments” in between my taco bell fourth-meals

    • I’m working on taking one of my own for my partner 😉

      I highly doubt you would relate to this kind of off her rocker. She was getting old and forgetful and seemed to have forgotten what it was like to own property. It was terribly kept up and falling apart, the roof started to leak (after I’d warned her about it and she insisted I didn’t know what I was talking about), the washing machine broke and she refused to fix it for 6 months, and she had no accounting system to see if I’d paid rent. Among other things.

      Indeed. At least you’re eating cheaply!

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