reading the signs of my body // tmi tuesday #6

Hello! Sorry I’m late this week, I was in New York visiting people!

Today’s fun TMI Tuesday questions were submitted by Jz from “A Reluctant Bitch” blog. Enjoy!

Love, Hate, and Guilty Secrets. We never mind telling people about things we love or hate, but how about the things we love, but would hate for anyone to find out about?

Well, it’s time to free yourself of that fear!

For each of the categories below, list one thing you love, one that you hate, and then, take a deep breath and tell us something you hate to admit you love.

You’ll feel better for it!

1. Food
     I love Japanese food.
     I hate Thai food (only because I’m allergic to peanuts, and Thai food has lots of it).
     My guilty secret is … white chocolate?

(I’m really not ashamed to admit all the food I like. I think food is cool. But people tend to hate white chocolate and be judge-y about it not being “real” chocolate.)

2. Apparel
     I love jeans.
     I hate anything that shows my midriff.
     My guilty secret is socks.

3. Books
     I love children’s and young adult fantasy.
     I hate the last Harry Potter book.
     My guilty secret is The Dresden Files.

4. Songs
     I love “Want You To Want Me.”
     I hate pretty much anything by Katy Perry.
     My guilty secret is “Till the World Ends.”

5. Movie
     I love While You Were Sleeping.
     I hate … Well I’m not really sure.
     My guilty secret is Dodgeball.

6. TV Show
     I love The Big Bang Theory.
     I hate most reality TV.
     My guilty secret is White Collar.

(Okay, but TV is like food. I’m pretty open about all the things I love.)

7. Celebrity Crush
     I love … Joseph Gordon Levitt?
     I hate … Kanye West?
     My guilty secret is … Adam Levine?

(I’m very confused. I don’t really have celebrity crushes.)

8. Music Group
     I love Savage Garden.
     I hate Katy Perry (though technically not a group).
     My guilty secret is the Backstreet Boys.

(The Backstreet Boys is a grad school inside joke.)

9. Sports Team
     I love the UCLA Bruins.
     I hate the USC Trojans.
     My guilty secret is that I’m not a Lakers fan.

Sex Position or Sex Act or fetish
     I love doggy style.
     I hate cowgirl or anything that requires me to be on top in a way my partner can see the parts of me that I think are ugly.
     My guilty secret is oral sex.

(Again, not a particularly guilty secret. I’m pretty open about the fact that I love giving oral sex.)

(Thanks to Scum Bag Crew on Tumblr for the image. Click on the picture to go there!)

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