easy like sunday morning // tmi tuesday #5

Hooray! I’m almost on time this week! Good thing, because I’m off on another trip tomorrow morning (: Hopefully I’ll also be on time for next week’s post… *crosses fingers*

This week’s TMI Tuesday questions focus on sexual desire.

(By the way, the original TMI Tuesday post has “Sex on Fire” by Kings of Leon. I love that song. And I wouldn’t love it if it weren’t for my partner. He enriches my life in so many ways!)

1. Answer the question: What makes you hot?

I really need mental stimulation. Weirdly enough, a really intense or interesting lecture or presentation can get me hot. Apparently I have a thing for intelligence… which should probably not surprise me. Makes sense then that my partner is a teacher. This extends into sex – I can be stimulated without touch, just by being engaged mentally, just by thinking. Actual sex has often been a letdown because my mind stopped being interested and engaged and started to wander. I’m sure it’s easier for me to stay focused when I really care about or love my partner, but I’ve definitely been in situations where was definitely not being mentally or intellectually stimulated.

2. What is it that you want, when you look at porn?
a. To feel happy
b. To learn
c. To relax, relieve tension
d. To orgasm

Um, why is “foreplay” not an option? I suppose the closest is C. To be honest I’ve only ever watched porn for a class (yes, you read that correctly). I’ve mentioned it to my partner, but only because I think it would be good foreplay to get us both turned on and going so we can have fun with each other.

3. You’ve been asked to be a part of a porn movie production. Which job will you do? Why did you select that?

a. The star of the porn film–Doug Hardwicke or Fachina Istite
b. The director–staging the scenes and directing the actors, lighting, camera shots, etc.
c. The fluffer–you’re in charge of keeping the actors “excited” about their work
d. The camera person getting all the tight, up in there, close shots

I would love to say A, because what a waste if I’m not having sex?! Especially with particularly attractive men (or particularly attractive genitals, whichever is the case). But it would be more honest to say D. I can be very focused on a task and wouldn’t let the fact that there are naked people going at it distract me from what needs to get done.

4. Right this very moment you are horny and are looking for a casual hookup for sex. Under which, of the following headings, would you place your ad?
(w=woman, m=man, t=transexual/transvestite)

w4m, m4w, m4m, w4w, t4m, m4t, w4t, t4w, t4mw, mw4t, mw4mw, mw4w, mw4m, w4mw, m4mw, w4ww, m4mm, ww4m mm4w m4ww, w4mm

No, I have not done this. I often casually peruse the ads because sometimes they are particularly amusing. I would most likely use w4m, though in an alternate universe I would have the courage for w4mw or w4mm.

5. From now on, ’til the end of time you will be able to experience sexual pleasure via a single method. From the list below, choose that method. Why did you make that choice?

a. Vaginal penetration
b. Anal penetration
c. Masturbation with your fingers/hand
d. Masturbation with a single favorite sex toy. What is the toy?
e. Being masturbated (e.g. fingered, hand-job) by the fingers/hands of another person
f. Body Touching from another–full body massage, caressing, kneading, licking, sucking, biting, etc but no insertion of anything in any orifices.
g. Oral sex

Process of elimination. I am not too interested in B, C tires me out, I would never be able to pick a single toy in D, E tires out my partner, F is just foreplay, it’s not satisfying, and unfortunately I dislike G. I love giving oral sex, but I hate receiving it. I feel too gross for my partner, basically, which is sad but true. Luckily, I love A. And it’s very versatile. There are so many positions for it.

Bonus: What’s the sexiest thing you did this past weekend? Got any pics or a vid? 😀 ;p

Well I spent all of Saturday on a plane, so the weekend was decidedly unsexy. I spent most of Sunday in my pajamas at the computer. My partner finds it sexy at least.

(Image originally posted by justherguy on Tumblr. Click on the image to go there!)

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  1. Great answers! We love your mention of mental stimulation in #1. We are definitely into visuals, but if we’re looking to get really hot it’s got to affect us much deeper than, say, a porn film. We love sex that incorporates the mental or intellectual as well as the physical. And intelligence is sexy!

    Excellent point about foreplay in #2. We frequently watch porn as a means of getting in the mood; we’re equal parts voyeur and exhibitionist, so having background noise on the television or computer that simulates company in the bedroom really turns us on.

    We loved reading your process of elimination in #5. Nice that you were able to quickly provide reasons why all the choices but “a” wouldn’t work for you.

    • I thought about it afterward as I was reading everyone else’s answers and realized that there are about a million other things that get me hot. But no, the first thing I thought of was that I think it would be incredibly sexy to watch my partner teach. And I love it when he tells me how smart I am. Finally! My degrees are worth something!

      Totally! And I think that porn can kind of break the ice a little sometimes. It’s so over the top that you can laugh about it and feel more comfortable with yourself and your partner as you are, and accept that weird things happen and that’s just the way it is. Plus my partner and I are both incredibly turned on by sound (okay, maybe he is less so, but I love just listening to him).

      Hahaha, it’s because I’m a really efficient test-taker. I rarely look for the right answer, just for a bunch of wrong ones!

  2. I love the very sweet note at the top of this page.

    1. We are on the same page. You’ve gotta be smart, intellectually engaging or you’re just not sexy to me. I dated a man who was not stupid but definitely had nothing to offer me mentally, he was a poor communicator too. I got into it or stuck with him because the sex was good. But after month five I was so done. Hot sex just isn’t hot with a simple-minded person.

    Have a great week!


    • Thanks! The Internet is full of amazing things 😛

      I hear ya. I think everyone I’ve slept with has been smart, but most not in ways that interest me. They can’t quite combine their intelligence with sex or foreplay. They’re only smart when we’re doing things that are completely not sexy. Or, they’re smart, but then we get into bed and they do dumb shit that makes me want to punch them or cry out of sheer embarrassment. Mostly the latter, now that I think about it.

      Ah well. The joys of sifting through the mess to find the gems.

      Hope you had a great week too!

  3. Although I have a thing for firemen *raises eyebrows I too love to have someone I can talk to about anything. Thanks you so much for coming by my page. I love the note at the top as well.

    • Seriously have I just never seen a fireman up close???

      Being able to talk about anything is one of the best omens for a relationship, I think. Of course there are still things I don’t or won’t talk about with my partner, but I like to think that he would be okay if I did (:

      Thanks for coming by here! The note is from Tumblr, I just repost and link 😛 I don’t have time to write my own adorable notes!

  4. thelatephoenix

    yes, great note graphic, very cool, love the folded edge.

    i’ve been told by the many women i’ve dated and have gotten dumped by that i was a great stimulator of the mind, of the brain…i’m thinking that was a back-handed compliment, but take that as you will.

    happy belated

    • Still sadly not my image ): Wish I had the foresight to do interesting things myself.

      It’s just one of those things about life. Everybody gets broken up with. It was probably a genuine compliment, just not enough to hold a couple together. Likewise, really great sex doesn’t hold a couple together either. Hang in there!

  5. thelatephoenix

    yes, very cool note graphic, love the folded edge.

    i’ve been told by the many women i’ve dated and have gotten dumped by that i was a great stimulator of the mind, of the brain…i’m thinking that was a back-handed compliment, but that take as you will.

    happy belated

  6. I love the note.

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