dirty desire // contest

I’m back from Hawai’i! It was a little less vacation-y than I would have liked, but I did get to lie on the beach for awhile and tan (or burn, in the case of my cleavage. Whoops). I’ve been inspired by all the gorgeous flowers and delicious fruit I saw and ate there – there might even be a new line of jewelry in the making!

Which is why I’m so excited that Evil Poptart (what a cute name!) is giving away a Papaya Toys Candy Stick vibrator! Look at how adorable it is! There are two other colors (purple and lime green) that are also adorable, though nothing is as cute as a bright pink toy. The swirls will add a great deal of texture, and the toy offers multiple speeds of 3 different vibration patterns. It’s battery-powered, but I think I can live with that.

Just think how much fun this toy would be to take on an island vacation…~

Evil Poptart’s blog is cute and fun, with lots of pictures and funny anecdotes (the most recent is about the cat and its fondness for threesomes). The ads on the right hand side can be graphic and not discreet, but the content of the blog is still good. I like reading because not all the posts are product reviews; they are sprinkled in amidst actual posts.

So check it out! There are multiple ways to enter. Many require you to use your Facebook account, which is a bit of a downer for me, but others might have an easier time Liking stuff. The giveaway is being sponsored by TabuToys, which, among other things, has a great and sexy color scheme. There are still a few days to get your entries in, so go, go, go!

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