and i won’t let her wait // tmi tuesday #3

31 Sexual Favors for her/him features 31 circular tokens promising a variety of sexual services that will leave your partner utterly satisfied. You could drop one in her purse or in his lunch as a hint of what’s to come later or to hint at what sexual delight you’d like to savor.

This TMI Tuesday let’s play our own 31 Sexual Favors. List 31 unique and exciting sexual activities or services you’d put on your very own tokens that are guaranteed to make you the favorite flavor of the week.

1. Send him naughty txts once an hour even while he’s at work.
2. Not send naughty txts all day.
3. Blowjob when he walks in the door after work.
4. Wait for him on your hands and knees in front of the door when he walks in from work.
5. Shop in Victoria’s Secret together.
6. He picks the new toy this month.
7. Cook whatever he wants for dinner.
8. Wear a sexy maid outfit to serve him said dinner in.
9. A long, full-body massage.
10. Blowjob in the shower.
11. Buy him a new tie. Then buy a second one for your left hand.
12. Makeout session on the couch fully clothed.
13. Snuggle on the couch with him and read.
14. You’ve been a bad girl and need a spanking.
15. Write him a love letter.
16. Wake-up time blowjob.
17. Give him a lapdance on the couch.
18. Sit in the back row of a movie theatre and sneak a long handjob in.
19. Suck his cock in the car.
20. Lick something sweet off him – wherever he wants.
21. Wear  a thong and a skirt and invite him to lunch.
22. Let him tie your hands behind your back, get down on your knees, and suck him off.
22. Show off your flexibility for him in a position of his choosing.
23. Let him record you two having sex – either audio or video.
24. Tie him up for once and ride him hard.
25. Send him a picture of your.
26. Let him watch you masturbate.
27. Watch him masturbate.
28. Join him for a quickie at lunch.
29. Take off those sexy black panties he likes so much and leave them for him somewhere.
30. Let him use force.
31. Let him come wherever he wants.

To be fair, not all of these things are… unusual. I kind of let him do 10, 30, and 31 regularly. And I do 1 all the time. But I’m sure he appreciates the list (:

(Image originally posted on justthetipoffeminism on Tumblr. Context is entirely different. I like it. I’m not sure they do. Click on the picture to visit them!)

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  1. 1. I’m going to try that one day. I usually just get so busy, I’ll probably have to set an alarm to remind me.

    4. Sexy

    24. Oh yeah, now were talking 🙂

    Have a great week,

    • Haha, it’s really easy for me actually since we’re always txt-ing. Usually though all the naughty txts get grouped together though :p

      Surprisingly, he wasn’t as into that one as I thought he would be. Oh well. Doesn’t mean I can’t still do it!

      😀 He actually did like that one. Not so much the tying up part, but he likes it when I’m on top. A lot more than I do.

      You too!

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