i change shapes just to hide in this place // tmi tuesday #2

This week’s TMI Tuesday idea is brought to you by Mistress Gail who was inspired by the handy little app that allows you to add anything to your Amazon gift list–the universal wish list button.

Let your imaginations run free because we want to know what secret something or someone you’d add to your wishlist.

1. We all know and love a Top 10 list, who or what is number one on your wishlist?

Of the sexy variety?

Hmmm… to be honest I have never really thought about it this way. For example, I had never really thought about how attractive celebrities or even just random people are until very recently (that is a roundabout way of saying that I didn’t ever have celebrity “crushes” until very recently). While there are a lot of attractive people in the world, I can’t be sure that I’m really attracted to them because… well, I mean, it’s just so hard to tell! So I can only say that the “who” at the top of my wishlist is the very sweet, very adorable, and very handsome man that stole my heart ♥ (Okay, so maybe I just handed it over. It’s the same thing. Shut up.)

The “what” could be a whole slew of things, but since March is passing by slowly and I’m eager to get to April’s toy, I’m leaning towards a Jopen Vanity Vr2 or the Je Joue Uma. Or maybe something else! I don’t know!

2. Tell us 2 naughty things you’d put on your wishlist and 2 more naughty or nice things you’d add to the list.

Naughty: I’m leaning towards the Lelo Ina for May and the Leaf Life in June. Toys aside, I want a weekend in a nice hotel room with a king-sized bed and my partner lying next to me in it. Or on top of me. Or behind me. Or not even lying down. I’m pretty flexible in that regard.

Nice: A new job that pays well enough that I could manage my loans, a bit of travel, and an apartment of my own with a parking space. That’s asking a lot already. Another nice thing I would like is a date that isn’t the most painful and awkward part of my week.

Oh! I forgot that I want to go back to England! Damn!

3. Your order has been mixed up and instead of your selected gift you receive Fireman Sam (see http://mollysdailykiss.com/2011/12/07/inflation/). What do you do?

Laugh hysterically and cry a little as a result. Then, unfortunately, I’d have to send him back ): I don’t really have room for him at home.

4. The miss-delivery is sorted and you get the right order. Because of the mix-up you’ve also received a free gift voucher for one of many new accessories available to enhance your new wishlist item. What do you choose?

Accessories? ACCESSORIES? I have never really wanted a toy with accessories! Does new lingerie count? I love new lingerie. It’s like, something sexy to wear while you test out your new toy! The fun never ends!

5. Your best friend arrives at your back door just as the courier (who is to die for) arrives at the front door with your accessory delivery. What do you do? (choose one)
a) usher your friend away because it’s ALL YOURS! and you can’t wait, let alone share
b) tell your friend to come inside with the intent to have them join in
c) what the heck, two’s company, four’s an orgy! (invite the courier in as well)

Why isn’t there an option where I just have the courier?

Actually, considering my list of best friends, A is the most likely option. It’s like a 3/4 chance that I definitely do not want that best friend to join in. There’s one person who could show up and I’d be on him so fast I’d probably forget all about my new toy. (He probably wouldn’t though.)

And yeah, I lied. I would never have the courage to invite the cute delivery guy in. Sad.

Bonus: Do you have a real wish list in the works? If yes, what’s on it?

I have several! One is for books and movies and things. One is for toys and lingerie. The last isn’t so much a wishlist as a set of things I am going to work towards over the next few years. It’s a bunch of things I hope will happen, but I have to work for them. Real wishlists can be shared with people (some people) so they’ll buy you stuff on it as a pleasant surprise for your birthday.

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  1. We don’t really have celebrity crushes either. There are celebrities we consider attractive, certainly. But if we’re going to have a crush on someone, it’s likely to be someone we know personally and to whom we can relate, or an online friend such as a fellow blogger with whom we interact. Celebrities, to us, are too “perfect”, too unrelatable.

    • Oh, I think that’s the best way to describe it! I’m not even sure I have a physical reaction to the appearance of most celebrities, since I think a lot of my attraction is related to personality. Mostly though I look at celebrities and kind of have this passing notion that they’re attractive.

      Sorry for the late response! WordPress dumped your comment in Spam and I had to go fish it out ):

  2. Oh wow…is that a real tatoo? Is that you? How very creative, a dandelion blowing in the wind. So unique.

    1. The who is cute…you handing over your heart and all.

    2. Your “nice” are very practical and good wishes.

    4. Sure lingerie is an accesory–it enhances the toys. Good answer.

    Happy Tuesday, well now it’s very early Wednesday morning 🙂


    • I wish it was me! It’s a great tattoo. It’s actually just a picture I found online ):

      Awwww, thanks! He thought it was cute too. I got lots of cuddles.

      Thanks – I’d forgotten how important having a parking space IS until I moved back to LA. Now all I can do is look at houses/apartments and wonder where people park.

      I love lingerie. I have more lingerie than I have pants, skirts, and shorts combined. (Because clearly what’s underneath my pants is more important.)

      Happy Wednesday to you too!

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