interstellar queen // contest

I had wanted to save this week’s post for TMI Tuesday, but it looks like there will just be multiple posts! Huzzah!

Karen is hosting a giveaway of the Bedroom Kandi Make Me Over vibrator. This looks like a cute vibrator, and I am all about cute toys. It is my self-created goal to own exclusively cute and/or pretty toys, and this one would fit in perfectly with my collection. Come on guys, it looks like a compact! How cute is that?! Not only is it adorable (as are, in fact, all the other vibrators in the Bedroom Kandi line), and pink!, but it’s also a great toy, according to Karen. You can read her full review here.

Karen is really a great reviewer, and I love her blog. She is absolutely no-holds-barred with information and detail, which is great for reviews, and sexy for her other posts. I’m a little intimidated by how awesome I think she is! I like knowing that she’s being really upfront with her readers. Her reviews are well written and professional, while also being comfortable and informative. She also has pretty similar tastes in toys to me, and she gets a lot of them, so hers is one of my go-to blogs for information and reviews.

There are multiple ways to enter, none of which are too hard to complete! The giveaway is being sponsored by Babeland, a great place to shop. Hop on over to the link above, and good luck!

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  1. ~blushing~ Thanks for all the kind words of flattery! You rock!

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